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At Tir Pontypridd we are setting up a way of working that allows the people of Pontypridd to access land in and around where we live; land which is underused or has untapped potential, the edge places.  

Traditionally communities would have made use of common land. The name for this kind of land in the Welsh valleys was ‘Y Ffridd’: land which supported common values & shared responsibility, land where humans were resourceful and innovative, land where biodiversity thrived.

We invite you to join Tir y Ffridd: an online space for discussion with our members with ideas on how communities can reclaim access to our shared landscape.

We welcome members sending their experiences and ideas of how you are already using land, or to share ideas and dreams of how land can be used for the benefit of people and planet.  Send us 750 words with some photographs to accompany your written article, and we will publish these here on tirpontypridd.org