Volunteer With Us

We take a co-operative team approach in the running of our group and in developing and growing as an organisation.

If you think that you have a skill set to offer then we’d love to hear from you. 

At present we’re looking for help and support in the following areas 

From 2024 we’ll be looking at strengthening our legal structure by incorporating as a legal entity. We’ll be getting external support for this from Cwmpas Cymru or DTA Wales. We’ll also be reviewing our policies and adopting new policies as we grow.

As we look to start fundraising to purchase land we’ll also be increasing our exposure to the risks associated with land purchases and ownership. If we make any land we secure available to communities or enterprises on a rental or tenancy basis then we will need to review business plans etc. All of which will require overseeing from a governance perspective

Since 2023 we’ve been  developing our new membership platform. We currently keep a standard rolling spreadsheet of our income and expenditure but as we move towards incorporation we will need to have our accounts audited, so we will be looking for someone who is familiar with keeping monthly accounts and with preparing accounts for audit.

We will also be working on developing our fundraising strategy, developing our business plan and making land purchases. All of which will require overseeing from a finance perspective.

As we develop our membership and grow as an organisation we need to reach people, communicate who we are and what we are doing.  Not only do we need to ensure we reach new members but also keep our current members informed and engaged with our activities and events. 

If you can volunteer your skills and time to support with social media or other outreach we would love to hear from you.